To obtain a price quote please email a scan/photocopy/picture of all pages of your document to We will email you a price quote by return. Please note we will need the ORIGINAL document for the certified translation.  


We accept cash, checks and money orders. You can also pay via Paypal to or Venmo to Vladimir-Sulc.  


Certified translations are completed in between three to ten days depending on the number of pages and difficulty of the translation. The price is determined based on the number of pages, difficulty and the speed with which the translation is finalized (express 24 hour service is available). Advanced payment is required for the full price of the translation when documents are submitted.

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND FOR THE PRICE QUOTE PLEASE CONTACT:,  Tel. 212-725-9845. Fax 212-683-8516. The address to mail or drop off the documents is B&T Importing, LLC, 357 West 36th Street, Room 402, New York, NY 10018 (36th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue).  MON-FRI, 10AM-4PM. By appointment only.

You can either pick up the translation or we can mail it to you. If you would like to have the translation mailed,  PLEASE PROVIDE A SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE WITH POSTAGE WHEN SUBMITTING THE DOCUMENTS. We offer as well domestic (US) UPS service for additional 19 dollars. If you would like us to send your translation by UPS, please add 19 dollars to the payment (no self addressed envelope needed for UPS service). We offer as well 2 day and overnight UPS service - contact us with your address for a price quote.


B&T Importing, LLC is a translation agency located in New York City. It specializes in English - Czech - Russian sworn, court certified translation. Following are examples of documents we translate:

-  criminal history records    

-  bank letters                             

-  bank statements

-  birth certificates                

-  judgments of divorce              

-  sale/purchase contracts 

-  marriage certificates         

-  judgments of adoption           

-  medical records 

-  university diplomas           

-  high school diplomas             

-  all other documents as necessary

We translate the document and issue an affidavit called Certificate of Accuracy which serves as a proof of true, accurate and complete translation of the original document. Documents which are to be used in the Czech Republic (apostilled in case of criminal history records, birth certificates, marriage certificates etc.)  are translated, sealed together with the original document and stamped with the official seal with the Czech Republic state coat of arms. Such documents have full legal power in the Czech jurisdiction (without any need for further verification or notarization) and can be submitted to the Czech authorities either directly or through the Consulate General of the Czech Republic. IMPORTANT! If you have an apostilled document, DO NOT separate the apostille from the document. Apostille will be either stapled or glued together with the document. Apostille becomes invalid if separated from the document to which it is attached. Apostile is issued by the secretary of state where the document was issued and/or certified.

Czech Consulate General in New York usually requires official translation of a proof of clean criminal record from all countries, outside the US, where you permanently resided for more than 6 months. In some cases a translation of a bank letter and/or bank statement and insurance letter may be needed as well. There are possible further requirements for non-US citizens (such as proof of clean criminal record from the local authorities in the US). For more details please visit Czech Consulate General website ( or contact the Consulate by phone at 646-422-3344 and ask for visa section. Please note that requirements change over time. You need to find out the exact requirements for your particular situation at the Czech Consulate. Information provided here  serves only as an example.

If you establish that you need a proof of criminal record, first obtain the criminal record from the appropriate authorities (in New York, from NYPD at One Police Plaza, Room 152A). If you need a criminal record from a different US state, contact the police authorities of such state. If you need a criminal record from a foreign country (which may be the case if you lived outside of the US for more than 6 months in the past or if you are not a US citizen) contact the consulate of such country and ask for a criminal record certificate. It might be necessary to have the criminal record apostilled. Czech Consulate General will be able to inform you in detail about what documents you need to submit with your student visa application.

Once you collect all the needed documents, either bring them or send them to the address shown above. Your documents will be translated into the Czech language and sealed together with the translation (therefore, you will NOT get back the original documents, they will become an integral part of the translation). Such translation has full legal power for Czech authorities and no further certification or notarization is needed.

Please note that the Consulate General of the Czech Republic usually requires a copy of all documents that you are submitting.


Since January 1, 2014, dual and multiple nationality are permitted and Czech citizens will no longer automatically lose their Czech citizenship upon obtaining a foreign citizenship. An amendment to the Act on the Citizenship of the Czech Republic (hereinafter "ACCR") which took effect on September 6, 2019, allows a new category of foreigners to acquire Czech citizenship by making a declaration. This declaration on Czech citizenship is anchored in ACCR's new Article 31.3. and children and grandchildren of former Czech and Czechoslovak citizens may by eligible for Czech citizenship. Contact Czech consulate for more information.


While many cases of acquiring Czech citizenship based on the recent law amendment are fairly straightforward, some cases can get very complicated. This is especially true when establishing the connection to the Czech citizenship on family relationships, which are decades old. We work closely with a Czech law firm based in Prague, which specializes in immigration and citizenship matters. If you are interested in this type of services, please contact us via email or phone.


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